PokéMon Pearl Splendid: How To Capture Zapdos, Mfatros And Articuno

Pokémon fans returned to Sinnoh with the remakes of the Shining Pokémon Diamond and Splendid Pearl. In addition to the iconic Dialga and Palkia, some legendary creatures from the previous iterations of the saga come back in these chapters, including Zapodos, Muffres and Articuno: here’s how to capture them

The three legendary birds of Kanto, originally appeared in Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, are only available in the Splendid Pearl version. To make them yours you will have to go to the Rosa wrinkled Park after defeating the Superfours and the Champion Camilla. Buy the Discovery Sheet at the Park store (this is all you need to know about Legendary Slabs in Pokémon Diamond Lighting and Splendid Pearl) and proceed to capture Regice, King

Once you have completed this step you can buy the Lastra Kanto. Get three and head back into the Park, where you will have to reach the Kanto Room to start the various clashes and have a chance to take Zapdos, Mfatros and Articuno. Prepare your team in the right way, so that you maximize your chances of catching the three unique creatures, which will be high-level opponents.

Do you still have any doubts about the new exclusive Nintendo? Here is the review of Cydonia by Pokémon Diamond Shining and Pearl Splendid.

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