PokéMon Pearl Splendid And Shiny Diamond Already In Circulation: Videos And Images On The Net

Among the new games for Nintendo Switch coming in November 2021, the anticipated remakes of Pokémon Diamante and Pokémon Perla, titles debuted originally on Nintendo DS.

Although the official launch of the video game pair is still two weeks away, it seems that the exclusive Nintendo have already reached a small portion of the audience. To prove this, there are in particular the increasing number of reports related to images and videos of Pokémon Diamond Shiny and Pokémon Pearl Shiny available on the net.

From large forums, such as Reddit and Resetera, through the most common social networks, from Twitter to Facebook, there are in fact different cases of leaks linked to the two titles of The Pokémon Company. Given the wide advance on the roadmap for the publication of Pokémon Diamond Shining and Pokémon Pearl Spendent, it is difficult to speak in this case of simple break up of Day One by some retailers, with the escape of

Waiting for the two remakes (re) to take players to explore the Sinnoh region of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, remember that the official launch date of the remakes is set for next November 19, 2021

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