PokéMon Go: Two Policemen Fired, They Were Looking For Snorlax Instead Of Foiling A Robbery

From the United States of America comes a story that has incredible. Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, two LAPD police officers, were fired for not answering a call for a robbery. The reason? They were busy playing Pokémon GO

According to documents recorded by the Californian court of appeal last Friday, the event occurred on 15 April 2017. Lozano and Mitchell were framed by the Digital In-Car Video System (DICVS) mounted on their order car. The two were engaged with Pokémon GO, so they didn’t respond to a request for a robbery with multiple suspects that was taking place in a Macy’s chain store, inside the Creshaw Mall in Los Angeles. Apparently, they’ve preferred to track down a Snorlax.

The police were recognized by the court as “guilty of multiple allegations of misconduct” based on “a recording that portrayed them while they voluntarily failed their duty to respond to a request for assistance from a commanding officer for a robbery in progress and played The appeal court therefore requested and obtained their dismissal.

The two former police officers had also appealed, stating that “the city acted in conflict with the law using the DICVS registrations in the disciplinary proceedings and denying them the protection of the Public Safety Officers Procedure Bill of Rights Act.” The court, however, rejected their request, so last Friday three judges of the Californian court unanimously confirmed their decision.

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