PokéMon Go, The Winter Festivals Begin On December 16: Debuts Bergmite!

Christmas is at the door and Pokémon GO is also preparing to celebrate it properly: Thursday, December 16, as part of the Season of Tradition, the Winter Festivals officially kick off, which will hold all coaches in the world engaged until

During the Winter Festivals, the history of the Season of Tradition will continue: after the activation of the first door and the appearance of various Pokémon, including Druddigon, Blanche and Professor Willow decide to take a break and The Postcard Album will be introduced, a new feature that will save memories of places visited by yourself or friends. Expect the League Lotte GO Festival Cup as part of the Tenth Season of the Lega Lotte GO: Pokémon will have to have a maximum of 1,5000 PL to enter and must belong to the normal types, Grass, Electro

During the second part of the event, which will take place from 10:00 on Thursday 23 December to 20:00 on Thursday 31 December Bergmite will appear for the first time in Pokémon GO! The sixth generation Ice Pokémon will be accompanied by its evolution, Avalugg!

What Winter Festival would be without Pokémon in costume? There will be:

Pikachu wearing a party hat

Delibird’s festive version

Festive version of Stantler

Festive version of Spheal

Festive version of Cubchoo

Glaceon’s festive version

N.B. With a little luck, you can meet them all in a color version!

In the in-game shop, from 22:00 on Wednesday 15 December you can buy different Avatar Objects such as the Feast Hat, the Party Jacket and the Party Shorts. In addition, for the duration of the event, in the shop you will also find some holiday offers, such as:

Special package (480 Pokémonete): 50 Poké Ball, two challenge tickets, two Super Incubatrici, three Star Pieces

Ultra pack (1,480 Pokémonete): 25 Ultra Ball, 18 raid tickets, five Super Incubatrici, five Aroma

Adventure pack (1,480 Pokémonete): 18 Super Incubatrici, two Incubatrici, two Aroma, four Star Pieces

You can also get themed party stickers by turning the Pokéstop discs, opening the friendship packs or buying them in the store.

In the context of Winter Holidays, the last Pokémon GO Community Day of 2021 will take place, which will be the biggest of the year! Do not make any commitments Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19.

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