PokéMon Go, The Future Of The Seasons: Less Importance To Bonuses Remotely

The last Community Day of 2021 of Pokémon GO has also been archived, and it’s time to look forward. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the boys of Niantic published a long in-depth study in which they revealed their plans for the future of the Seasons.

The Tradition Season will continue until March 1, 2022, but Pokémon GO developers are already thinking about how to amaze the Allenators around the world after that date. Michael Steranka, Live Game Director of the game in augmented reality, confirmed that in 2022 the Seasons will be the core of Pokémon’s social events and content: “For next year, we want the themes and the Our goal is to make you feel that the Seasons bring unique and significant changes to Pokémon GO.”

In addition to focusing more on the Seasons, Niantic will try to encourage players to get out, exercise and socialize. With this goal in mind, the study will re-evaluate some bonuses in the last two seasons: “In the context of this goal, we will re-evaluate some bonuses that we have maintained over the last two seasons, namely the effectiveness of Aroma During the recent events of the Community Day, you will have noticed special bonuses that promoted socialization or raids in person. It is in this perspective that we want to invite Allenators around the world to go out and explore by trying different seasonal bonuses,” explained Steranka.

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