PokéMon Go, Incredible Numbers For 2021: Also Good Ingress And Pikmin Bloom

The potential offered by the Augmented Reality seems to have conquered the international public by now, with the Niantic-signed productions that bring great results for 2021.

Overall, the development team, Pokémon GO, Ingress and the new Pikmin Bloom, reported very good results. In numerical terms, for example, we are talking about almost 7 billion km traveled around the world, with the four corners of the globe that have welcomed 3.8 million new points of interest related to the three titles.

To drive the success of Niantic, however, it is in particular Pokémon GO, which also in 2021 scored record numbers. While preparing for the January 2022 Community Day in Pokémon GO, the Mobile App has recorded:

12 billion gifts sent;

3.9 billion eggs hatched;

4.8 billion recruits of the GO Rocket Team defeated;

The addition of new features, such as Collection Challenges, GO Tour: Kanto, Remote Raid, 5th Anniversary events, Collection of postcards;

872 million distributed resonators;

2.9 million completed kinetic capsule programmes;

354 billion XM reloaded to the Portal Jumpers;

43 million drone flights;

Adding new features and events, including C.O.R.E., NL-1331X US Summer Tour, Dronenet Layer, Niantic Social;

And if the Allenators were quite busy, the same can be said of the players of, who have scored the following goals:

Finally, the launch of Pikmin Bloom, a new mobile game dedicated to the tender Pikmin, also brings home interesting goals. In just two months, we can count:

113.9 million Pikkin grown;

63.8 million planted flowers;

338 billion steps travelled;

Have you contributed to the growth of Pokémon GO, and Ingress over the last year?

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