PokéMon Go Community Day, It’s Shinx Day! Bonuses And Event Details

Pokémon GO coaches, pick up! Today 21 November is held a new Community Day, the last of the year before the grand final scheduled for December. The undisputed protagonist of today’s event is Shinx, Pokémon Baleno of fourth generation originally discovered in the Sinnoh region.

The Shinx Community Day will take place today from 11:00 to 17:00: during the hours scheduled the Pokémon of type Electro will show more frequently than usual in the wild, also the luckiest among you could also, By making it evolve into Luxio and then into Luxray during the Community Day or within two hours of the end of the same, you will get a Pokémon that knows the new attack loaded Psychozanna. When he debuted in the game, this move allows Luxray to lower the defenses of the opposing Pokémon and to inflict super-effective damage to Pokémon of type Fight and Poison.

Challenge Coach: Power 40 and attack guaranteed to reduce the defense of the opposing Pokémon;

: Power 40 and attack guaranteed to reduce the defense of the opposing Pokémon; Gymnasiums and raids: power 30.

With only one euro you can access the exclusive Special Community Day Research History, entitled “Baleno, Favilla e Occilluce.” In addition, by spending 1,280 coins, you can buy the Special Community Day Pack containing 50 Ultra Balls, 4 flavors, 4 Star Pieces and 1 MT attack loaded out of class. In the store you will also find 30 Ultra Balls for free, make sure to pick them up during the event.

The last Community Day of the year is also the richest bonus: in addition to the reduction to a quarter of the hatching distance of the Eggs and the extended duration to three hours for aroma and bait modules, you can also expect the triple of the dear

We recommend that you do not take appointments for tomorrow 22 November, since at 8:00 pm Ed Sheeran’s concert in Pokémon GO will take place.

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