PokéMon Go And A Rich Free Bonus, Here Is The Code: A Few Hours To Redeem The Gift

Pending the special Pokémon GO Pokémon Tour event dedicated to Pokémon Gold and Silver, Allenators can take advantage of a welcome gift made available by Niantic.

In view of the Christmas holidays, the mobile game development team decided to share an interesting gift with the community. Specifically, we are talking about a set of objects offered completely free to all Pokémon GO attendees. Inside, the Allenators will find an Incense, 30 Poké Ball and a Lucky Egg. To redeem the tribute, players simply have to enter in-game the appropriate promotion code, which we present below:

Pokémon GO promotional code: MBCK3M2H5PKR2;

However, we would point out that the Niantic initiative will remain active for only a few hours. In order to benefit from the promotion, the Allenators will have to use the code today,. The players interested will therefore have to hurry to win this interesting gift.In closing, we remember that with the final stages of the Pokémon Birba Season, it is now time to think about the next phase of the mobile title. Just recently, in fact, he officially presented the new Season of Pokémon GO Festivals, which will take with him the debut of Bergmite and many other surprises and special events.

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