PokéMon Go: All Plans Of Niantic For January 2022, Between Mega Raid And Big Events

Niantic is already preparing a very rich early 2022 for all Pokémon GO players. After confirming the date for the January 2022 Community Day for Pokémon GO, all focused on Spheal, the authors reveal further plans for the first month of the new year, so as to start immediately with the right foot.

First of all, the Raid Hour returns, scheduled for every Wednesday of the month from 18 to 19 local time. Here are the Pokémon protagonists of each Raid of January 2022:

Kyurem – January 5

Heatran – January 12

Genesect (with Voltmodule) – January 19

Regice – January 26

There will also be Mega Raids, focused on two specific Pokémon: Mega Abomasnow, from January 1 to 7, and Mega Aerodactyl from January 7 and for the rest of the month. Every Monday in January, at the cost of a Pokémoneta you can buy offers including a remote raid ticket and other surprises. The new extraordinary discovery will be linked to Onix and the Megaenergy of Steelix.

There are also several events that users can take part in during the month. From December 31, 2021 until January 4, 2022 will be staged the New Year’s Event, while from January 7 to 13 will be the Mountains of power. Finally, from January 19th and for the rest of the month will be the turn of an event with the theme Electro and Steel inspired by the power plant of Kanto.

Further details will be made known in the coming weeks. Given the incredible numbers of Pokémon GO in 2021, Niantic doesn’t want to be less for the beginning of 2022, and who knows how many more surprises will come in the coming months.

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