PokéMon Diamond Shiny And Pearl Splendid: Guide To The Chrome PokéMon Hunting

Introduced since 2000 with the intention of fully exploiting the potential of Game Boy Color, the Pokémon colors soon became a fixed nail for many players and despite the rebalancing of their rarity, catching them is still a Here are the best ways to succeed in Pokémon Diamond Shining and Pearl Shining.

The soft reset

In the remakes released for Nintendo Switch, the probability of meeting a color Pokémon is close to 0.02%, but this value can be increased in several different ways. Before listing the most effective, we remind you that the coloring of a Pokémon is determined when the clash begins, except for the visible monsters within the Great Underground. For this reason, thanks to a well-placed rescue, you could restart the game several times and try your luck against the Legendary Pokémon, hoping to meet them in their rare variants.

The Chromamulet

This talisman is available in a suite of the Hotel Grande Lago after completing the National Pokédex, and it permanently increases the chances of meeting the so-called Pokémon shinyy. Thanks to the Chromamuleto, in fact, the chances of finding chromatic monsters increase up to 0.07%, an increase that applies also to eggs ready to hatch.

The Masuda method

Called in honor of the designer who designed it, this mechanics was introduced in the original Diamond and Pearl to encourage the use of the new Global Trading System. Even today, players willing to exchange Pokémon with fans from all over the world can still gain benefits in hunting for color monsters. Here’s what you need besides the Pokémon Hostel in Flemminia.

A Ditto sample from a foreign version of the game.

Any Pokémon you want to get in shiny shape.

As for Ditto, we would like to give you a code to enter at the Global Room of any Pokémon Center: 44484448. It seems that trainers looking for shapeshifters often find themselves there.

Once you have obtained the necessary amount, you will only need to raise a large number of eggs, since by pairing Pokémon of different nationality the chances of a chromatic descent reach 0.14% (0.19% if you have Chromamulet).

Chains with Poké Radar

The latest method, as effective as it is machine-intensive, requires the automatic rescue to be deactivated, a large number of Poké Balls and many Repellents. To implement it, you will also need the Poké Radar, the tool that Professor Rowan can use after meeting every Sinnoh Pokémon. By moving forward in degrees, this is what this process consists of.

Go to the place where you know you can find the desired specimen. Use a Repellent. Deactivate autosave and then perform a manual as a precaution. Activate Poké Radar, then walk towards one of the bushes on the move. If the monster is the right one, do it your own, otherwise try again by restarting the game.

The aim is to chain the largest number of catches to the 40th, but all this, without ever meeting Pokémon other than what you were looking for. To succeed there is a precise and feasible method immediately after the first clash of the chain. Here are the two next steps:

After capture, you will see several Pokémon wandering in the bushes. Proceed to the farthest one, provided you are at least four boxes away from you. If the Pokémon are too close, take fifty steps under the influence of the Repellent, so that you can use the Poké Radar again and reset the position of the moving grass.

Acting in this way, the chances of obtaining ♪ the same type of Pokémon will be 93%. The failure remains an option, but if you can complete this long set of catches, you can hope for the appearance of a shining bush within which to find the color. To help make it appear, you will have to continue to exploit Poké Radar as described in the last point. Let’s now move on to the things to do absolutely not, to avoid breaking the chain on the most beautiful:

Meet a different Pokémon specimen

Climbing your bike

Fighting a Coach

Entering the Great Undergrounds

Close the game

To help you further in this Chrome-Variants hunt, we leave you with a guide listing all Pokémon Diamond and Shining Pearl Pokémon Balls. Returning to that Ditto, here’s how to make exchanges in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Splendid Pearl.

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