PokéMon Diamond Shiny And Pearl Splendid: Amazon Dual Pack Is Discounted

On Amazon Italy are preordinable at 59,99 euros cadauno Pokémon Diamond Lucente and Pokémon Pearl Splendid, the remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl coming on November 19 exclusively on Ninte A special Dual Pack is also available at a discounted price of €99.99 which includes both titles.

Pokémon Diamond Light and Pokémon Pearl Splendid will allow fans to enjoy the original story of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl with new game mechanics. The games feature the same simple and intuitive mechanics as the latest video games in the Pokémon series, but with more animations of Pokémon struggles in close overview.

Book now Pokémon Pearl Splendid and Pokémon Diamond Lucky on Amazon to get confirmation of receiving the game on day one and to enjoy the minimum price guaranteed by Amazon that, at the time of shipment, will apply the lowest price If you change your mind, the cancellation of the pre-order is very simple and can be done independently.

Below are the links to the preorders:

If you missed the article we published a few days ago about Amazon’s first Black Friday offers, you can recover the active offers on many video games at this link, for some it is the lowest price ever.

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