PokéMon Diamond Shiny And Pearl Shiny: How Were They Received By Criticism?

With the release on Nintendo Switch of Pokémon Diamond Shining and Pearl Splendid set for November 19, 2021, the first verdicts on the remakes of Diamond and Pearl begin to arrive, the games that gave the

Waiting for our review (you can fool the wait by reading our special on Pokémon Shining Diamond and Splendid Pearl), the moment we write on the known Metacritic have already been reported 26 reviews for the version For now, however, the evaluations do not seem to be particularly stellar, at least not as one would expect from a historical brand like that of Nintendo and Game Freak (which however did not develop the new remakes, entrusted to ILCA Both editions currently have an average of 77, lower than the results recorded in 2019 by Pokémon Spada and Shield (80).

Faced with 9 excellence assessments such as those awarded by God is a Geek and TheSixthAxis, there are also sufficiency assessments such as the 6 of Nintendo Life and Metro GameCentral. In the middle a large number of votes traveling between 7 and 8, awaiting further verdicts that may further influence the average.

Remember that the first patch of Pokémon Diamond Shining and Splendid Pearl will bring with it several new features and additional functions, including the Rugosa Pink Park that offers the opportunity to capture Legendary Pokémon of the first generations.

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