PokéMon Diamond And Pearl, Patch 1.1.3 Available: No More Duplication Of PokéMon

With the debut of the two remakes of Pokémon Diamante and Pokémon Perla, the vast community of Allenators and Allenators quickly discovered several glitches for the duplication of Pokémon in Diamante

An event certainly not uncommon in the history of the games dedicated to Pocket Monster, but that – at least for the moment – seems to have concluded its own path in the two remakes. From today, Wednesday, December 22, is in fact available the patch 1.1.3 of Pokémon Diamond Shining and Pokémon Pearl Splendid, which intervenes precisely on the issue of duplication of creatures Game Freak.

The official update notes do not offer specific details on this, but simply confirm a general improvement in the gameplay. The community, however, did not delay to notice the change that affected the two titles for Nintendo Switch. On forums and social networks, the Allenators quickly consulted each other, concluding that the glitch that allowed the duplication of Pokémon was fixed with the update 1.1.3.

Meanwhile, the two games continued to be a great commercial success, with over 2 million copies sold for Pokémon Diamond Lucente and Pokémon Pearl Splendid in the Japanese market alone. In the Levant Sun, the important sales made by remakes are also driving Nintendo Switch’s performances.

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