Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Are A Hit, Detective Pikachu 2 For Switch Still Exists?

As we know, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl sold over 6 million copies at launch, and they were successful worldwide and especially in the UK, according to data released by GFK.

Pokemon Diamond Shining and Splendid Pearl recorded the fifth best launch of the series in Britain preceded by Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon Sapphire Alpha and Ruby Omega, Pokemon Sword and Shield Po According to Christopher Dring of GamesIndustry, the data is not up to date, but today Pokemon Diamond Shining and Pearl Shining should have reached the third position in the ranking.

Another Pokemon theme news concerns Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2 for Nintendo Switch announced in 2019 and then disappeared from radar. Is the game still there? We don’t know, but Monster Rancher 1&2 DX’s game search system seems to suggest it, as discovered by a ResetERA user.

Let’s make it clear: the original Monster Rancher allowed to generate new monsters by entering any CD in the player (plays or music discs), on Nintendo Switch this option was replaced by an internal database that allows you to search for any video game

It is unclear from which source Monster Rancher’s database draws, whether from official sources or user-written lists, so it is difficult to understand exactly what the situation is but certainly the situation is very curious.

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