PokéMon Archeus Legends: How Many Pokemon Are There Exactly?

With the scheduled release as the exclusive Nintendo Switch for 28 January 2022, players have started to look forward to finally exploring Hisui, the huge region that will be the backdrop to the new Pokémon Legends: Archeus But do we already know how many monsters will be captureable within the work of the Game Freak?

At the moment, in the absence of official data, you do not know the exact number of Pokémon present in the game. The only certainties derive in fact from the promotional material released so far, with images and trailers that have shown about a hundred different specimens, some of which created specifically in view of this new experience. Among the new entries is the case to remember Pokémon such as Wyrdeer or Basquegion, which if ridden will allow you to search every bioma that composes Hisui. In this regard, here are the settings present in Legends Pokémon Arceus.

In conclusion, speaking by hypothesis and knowing that Hisui is nothing but the ancient Sinnoh, we might expect a prevalence of Pokémon belonging to the fourth generation, but we will have to wait another time before any confirmation or denial. Until then, to deceive the wait, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye.it you can find a detailed analysis of the latest video gameplay of Legends Pokémon Arceus.

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