Pokemon Archeus Legends: How Do You Complete Pokedex, You Can Transfer Pokemon?

The Hisui region is now ready to be explored. Legends Pokémon: Archeus, in fact, will be released next January 28 on Nintendo Switch. Pokémon’s latest chapter is preparing to revolutionize the classic formula of the brand, proposing open maps and fights without continuity: but can Pokémon be transferred from other games?

In Legends Pokémon Arceus you can exchange pocket monsters with other users in possession of the game through a special facility located in the Village Giubileo. Pokémon loading from other titles, however, will not be possible. In fact, the information we have is few, and Nintendo has only confirmed that you will not be able to transfer monsters from Pokémon Shining Diamond and Splendid Pearl to Legends Pokémon: Archeus (in this

This operation is usually entrusted to the Pokémon Home service, which will, however, be supported by the last Game Freak work, even if it is not yet completely clear what can be done. Pokémon Home will receive an update during 2022 to join the new games, and will not be available at the launch scheduled for the end of the month. Waiting to learn more, and about the outing title, here’s how to capture Darkrai and Shaymin in Pokémon Archeus Legends.

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