PokéMon Archeus Legends Coming Up: Adventure And Mystery In New Trailers

Among the new games for Nintendo Switch coming in January 2022, undoubtedly stands out the debut of Legends Pokémon: Archeus, new chapter of the famous saga Game Freak.

The adventure, as now known, will lead players in an unprecedented temporal dimension, for a journey through the Hisui region. The latter is only the Sinnoh region of a remote past, whose features recall the atmosphere of ancient Feudal Japan. In the shadow of Mount Corona, players will discover a completely new Pokémon world, in which we completely change the rules and objectives typical of the series.

In Legends Pokémon: Archeus, no Pokémon League to conquer, but instead, we will have the goal of creating the first Pokédex in the region. Travelling through grassy lands, autumn views and snow-capped peaks, you will discover unpublished creatures and regional variants of Pokémon already known. In the background, the mystery surrounding the legendary figure of Arceus, the Pokémon that is told has created the whole world.

To prepare the Proven Trainers and the newcomers of the series for what awaits them in Legends Pokémon: Archeus, Nintendo and Game Freak have made available a series of new trailers dedicated to exclusive Nintendo Posted in Japanese, you can find the videos at the beginning and at the bottom of this news.

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