Playstation Vr2: The Full Replica Of Jim Ryan’s Announcement At Ces 2022

Last night, on the stage of CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the PlayStation VR2 presentation unexpectedly took place: Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan, as well as confirming the viewer’s name

We couldn’t have imagined a better way to start the new year. According to Ryan, PlayStation VR2 will offer a higher level of identification with high visual fidelity, new sensory features and optimized detection. The technical specifications of PlayStation VR2 speak of 4K HDR graphics on an OLED display (2000×2040 for eye up to 90/120Hz), 110 degree field of view and support for the Foveated Rendering. The viewer does not need an external camera (detect the user and controller through integrated cameras), and it is also coupled with the brand new PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers, which like DualSense offer aptic feedback and grills. For the last part of the presentation, Ryan gave the floor to Jan-Bart Van Beek, Studio Director of Guerrilla Games, who intervened to announce the first new generation PS VR2 game, Horizon: Call of

If you missed the presentation of Sony at CES 2022, you can make up for it by looking at the full reply attached to this news. Enjoy!

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