Playstation Vr2: Sony Unveils The Technical Specifications Of The Viewer And Sense Controller

During the Sony conference at the ESC, the Japanese giant unveiled the technical specifications of PlayStation VR2 (this is the official name of the next-gen viewer for PlayStation) and the new VR Play controller

With PlayStation VR2, Sony wants to take the games into Virtual Reality to a new level, ensuring a level of immersion never seen before on consoles, thanks also to the control system based on the Sense controller. PS VR2 offers support for the 4K HDR, 110 degree fixed viewing range, OLED screen with 2000×2040 resolution for eye and 90/120Hz framerate. The camera is integrated into the viewer and therefore every movement will be more fluid and precise than in the past, without the need to use an external camera as it was with the first version of PlayStation VR.

The headset offers maximum immersion thanks to the Sense technology that combines Eye Tracking, Headset Feedback and 3D Audio with the aim of amplifying the sensations of depth and immersion, thanks also to the new vibration engine that adds a tactile experience For example, reports Sony, players can “feel” the pulses of a character in times of tension, the speed of objects passing near the head or the forward/backward thrust given by the acceleration or braking of a vehicle.

Eye Tracking technology has been improved and you just have to look in a specific direction to give a precise input to the character, this will make everything much more intuition, also the Sense controller will support the aptic feedback and adaptive triggers (exact

PlayStation VR2 features

OLED display

Panel resolution 2000 x 2040 for eye

Frequency of refresh 90Hz, 120Hz

Distance between adjustable lenses

Field of view 110 degrees (approximately)

Sensors: Six-axis Motion Sensing System (three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer)

Proximity IR sensor

4 rooms in the viewer and an IR tracking camera for tracking eye movements

Vibration in the viewer

USB Type-C connector

Integrated microphone and jack socket for headphones

PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller

Right Controller Buttons: PlayStation Button, Options, Action Buttons (Search and Cross), R1, R2, Right Stick/R3

Left Controller Buttons: Create, Action Buttons (Triangle and Square), L1, L2, Left Stick/L3

Six-axis Motion Sensing System motion sensors (three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer)

Finger Touch capacitive sensor and proximity IR sensor

Adaptive Crickets (R2/L2) and Aptic Feedback (single actuator per unit)

Type-C USB port

Bluetooth 5.1

Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery

The release date of PlayStation VR2 has not yet been announced, more details will be reported presumably during 2022, according to a leak the output is set at the end of the year but there is no confirmation on this.

Sony also announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first game for PlayStation VR2 that could make its debut with the viewer, although there is no precise information about it, Guerrilla lets you know that more details about

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