Playstation Vr2 At The End Of 2022 And Back-Compatible? Sony Remains Silent

PlayStation VR2 is officially a reality: Sony’s future of virtual reality is taking shape and can already count on a first thick project like Horizon Call of the Mountain. Some details have not been revealed, however, namely the launch window and the backcompatibility with the previous PlayStation VR.

Stephen Totilo, journalist of Axios, tried to get in touch with Sony’s PR to find out some more details about the new viewer, but for the moment there are no new confirmations following the reveal (in this regard, here is the reply “I asked Sony if the PSVR2 would come in 2022 and if it would be backcompatible with PSVR games, since none of these aspects were dealt with during the reveal. Sony’s PR said they had nothing else to announce at the moment, so we’re waiting,” Totilo reveals on Twitter.

So for now, there will be no further information on the new VR, at least in a tight circle, but you can expect more clarity on these two important issues in a future presentation of the viewer. In any case, analysts expect the release of PlayStation VR2 at the end of 2022, in time for the Christmas holidays: will these be Sony’s plans?

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