Playstation Vr 2 In Q2 2022 And New Event Dedicated To The Short Term: Rumor

Sony took advantage of the showcase offered by CES to unveil the technical specifications of PSVR2 and the Sense controller, finally providing us with some new details regarding its new generation VR headset.

The Japanese giant did not reveal the final design of PlayStation VR 2, nor did it specify a launch window. According to Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners, Sony will propose his new viewer at the end of 2022, while Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities is aiming for the second quarter of this year, then by April,

Kuo’s predictions were reported on Twitter by Brad Lynch, dataminer and VR enthusiast who in the past has already revealed some details about Sony’s viewer in advance. According to a recent post, Sony will shortly hold a new event focused on the PlayStation world where he will further explore PlayStation VR 2. It would be an opportunity to reveal the last details (severally design, price, launch date, gameplay sequences taken from Horizon Call of the Mountain) before moving definitively to mass production in view Of course, we invite you to take the news with caution, waiting for Sony to make his eventual announcement.

At the moment, there are still some doubts about the retrocompatibility of PSVR 2, with Sony who has not yet openly addressed the issue.

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