Playstation Studios: Sony Buys Valkyrie Entertainment, Team Engaged On Halo Infinite

The top PlayStation Studios manager Hermen Hulst is on social media to announce the entry of Valkyrie Entertainment into Sony’s video game subsidiary family. The Valkyrie team, based in Seattle, recently contributed to the development of Halo Infinite.

According to Hulst, newcomers to the PlayStation family “will make an invaluable contribution to the development of the main PlayStation Studios franchises.” Judging by the advice of Sony’s senior executive, Valkyrie’s team should be entrusted with development support tasks for video games that are already in work at the most important subsidiaries of PlayStation Studios.

The description on Valkyrie Entertainment’s official website specifies that the team “from 2002 to today, has worked with world-class developers and publishers, allowing them to reach the full potential of their visions.” The image that is on the homepage captures the covers of video games co-developed by the software house of Seattle: in addition to the already mentioned Halo Infinite, we find God of War and God of War Ragna

This continues the “purchase campaign” prepared by Sony and the top of his videogaming division to expand the PlayStation Studios family, a targeted process that has been realized in recent months with the birth of the Asobi Team

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