Playstation Studios: Rumor On A Stealth Open World, Is It Syphon Filter Or Socom?

Over the last few hours, a very interesting post has been published by an insider, anticipating the arrival of a stealth title by PlayStation Studios that is probably linked to a successful IP.

Tidux, the same insider connected to the PlayStation world, was the one who revealed this information and was well known to the public that just a few days ago denied the rumor about the number of exclusives in development for PS4 and PS5.

Here is the tweet published by the insider of the Sony world:

“An exclusive stealth and action mechanics set in an open world has just been approved and is currently being developed at PlayStation Studios. Think of a crossroads between Metal Gear Solid 5 and Splinter Cell where you can have a totally free approach to missions and proceed without ever showing up or with weapons flattened.”

In addition to this message we find another one, which suggests that the insider knows something more about the game but does not want to reveal it to avoid ruining the surprise to the players. A post like this could therefore hide a link between the project and some famous IP: many users think it could be a reboot of Socom or Syphon Filter, both series now abandoned by Sony that could make their return in great style.

Waiting to find out whether these rumors are reliable or not, we remind you that Sony recently acquired Valkyrie Entertainment.

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