Playstation Studios: Fans Want Sony To Buy Konami And Kojima Productions

After learning about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, many PlayStation fans have started to fear the growing expansion of Redmond’s giant and are clamoring for new investments from the Japanese company.

As in the past at the announcement of the acquisition of Bethesda, even on the occasion of Microsoft’s large $70 billion investment, a wave of social posts has been triggered in which players require Sony to make a similar move. The greatest desire of fans would be to see Konami and Kojima Productions join the PlayStation Studios, so that intellectual property such as Death Stranding, Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid can become exclusive Sony. One of these fans even made an image trying to imagine the ad, including in the banner of the much-awaited acquisition series such as Bomberman, Castlevania and Pro Evolution Soccer.

For the moment, Sony does not seem to be willing to take steps like this and, as Jim Ryan mentioned some time ago, it is more likely that you will make deals with third-party teams to bring their titles exclusively to PS4 and PS5.

By the way, did you know that Sony acquired Valkyrie Entertainment just a few weeks ago?

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