Playstation Store: The Best Ps4 And Ps5 Games For Less Than 10 Euros For Christmas

Recently we have reported a selection of PS4 and PS5 games for less than 20 euros, if you want to spend even less we have the solution for you, here is an overview of the best offers of the PlayStation Store at less than 10 euros.

What do you buy for less than 10 euros on the PlayStation Store? For example, with 9.99 euros you can add to your library many PlayStation Hits games to 9.99 euros including Mortal Kombat X, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Rat

Fallout 4 is on sale at 7.99 euros while with 5.99 euros you can buy Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag and again DOOM VFR is at a discount at 4.49 euros while for Little Nightmares, Need for Speed Ri

Mad Max costs 6.99 euro, Dishonored Definitive Edition is at a discount of 5.99 euro and we also recommend Final Fantasy VII to 7.99 euro, Castlevania Requiem Symphony of the Night & Rondo Tales of Berseria costs 9.99 euros, Journey is at a discount of 7.49 euros, Farpoint for PlayStation VR costs 9.99 euros and finally we point out horror Layers of Fear 2 to 4.99 euros.

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