Playstation Store: A Free Psvr Game Until January 13Th, Here Is The Link

Surprised on this penultimate day of 2021, the PlayStation Store offers a free game for PlayStation VR, this is Pirate Flight VR, available for free download until January 13.

Pirate Flight VR is described as “the virtual reality flight game suitable for everyone. You’ll just have to fly, get over the other planes and hit targets,” the game features 90 missions divided into three worlds with “intuitive commands and no landings. Unlike a real simulator, it allows you to relive the excitement of a flight game like those of the games rooms. And there are dragons too!”

You can download Pirate Flight VR for free from the PlayStation Store, you have until January 13, 2022 to add it to your library, once you have done the game will remain yours forever and you can use it without any restrictions, like any other

It is a rather light and certainly oriented experience to a rather varied audience, a “casual” experience in Virtual Reality that could serve to bring even the youngest to this technology. Also worth mentioning are the presence of 11 trophies to be unlocked with extreme simplicity, a good news for the completeists and for those who love to earn trophies without too much effort.

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