Playstation State Of Play In December 2021, Rumor Explodes: The Last Event Of The Year?

Star Wars’ announcement: Eclipse at The Game Awards 2021 surprised the audience, but it had already been alerted to this by a video game insider.

The latter, active on the net as “AccNGT” now returns to the charge, triggering a decidedly noisy indiscretion. According to the latter, the plans for the upcoming transmission of a new PlayStation State of Play would be in place. The insider reports – with the Tweet you find at the bottom of this news – Sony’s intention to close 2021 with one last communicative event, which should not, however, have the scope and ambition of a wider PlayStation Show

According to AccNGT, the chatty PlayStation State of Play should therefore take place during December 2021, although no clue on the possible date has emerged so far. Moreover, the insider itself is not yet 100% sure of the news. On the horizon, however, the YouTuber Foxy Games UK also quickly appeared, also announcing that it had heard rumors about a new State of Play scheduled for December 2021.

A short distance from the publication of the new Italian trailer of Horizon: Forbidden West, the appointment could be the opportunity to have more details on the line-up of incoming games on PS4 and PS5 over the next year. At the moment, however, we remember that there are no official confirmations regarding Sony’s actual intention to organize the event: just wait to find out more!

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