Playstation Spartacus: Plus And Now Joined In A New Subscription Service For Ps4 And Ps5?

According to a brand new Bloomberg report by Jason Schreier, Sony would be developing a new subscription service designed to combine the benefits of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Codename: Project Spartacus.

According to the reporter, the launch of this new subscription service – which should keep the branding “Plus” and permanently set aside “Now” – would be on PlayStation 4 and PS5 during the spring of next year. Sony would be planning to introduce three different tiers, with increasing benefits. The first tier would include the benefits of PlayStation Plus, the second access to a large PS4 game catalogue and later PS5 titles, and the third of the extended demos, streaming gaming and a library of class games

Project Spartacus (rumor)

Tier 1: advantages of the PlayStation Plus;

Tier 2: A wide range of games for PS4 and then also games for PS5;

Tier 3: Extended demos, streaming gaming and classic games for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

According to Bloomberg, Sony would also be investing heavily in improving its cloud gaming infrastructure. It would not be expected to launch first party games at the day-one in Spartacus as it happens on Xbox Game Pass instead. Schreier contacted a Sony representative to ask for clarification on this issue, but received no reply.

By the way, do you know that next week will be available the new PlayStation Plus games for free in December? The announcement of the new PlayStation Now games has not yet happened.

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