Playstation Spartacus Modeling Xbox Game Pass? Phil Spencer Hopes For

In a recent interview with Phil Spencer at, the Xbox division boss discussed the latest rumors about the merger of PS Plus and PS Now into PlayStation Spartacus, thus providing his views on the possible

The Xbox team’s top exponent finds strong similarities between the latest PS Spartacus rumors and the Game Pass content offering, claiming that “many of those noiseful things actually interweave what we’re bringing along I don’t mean that all this confirms how good we were at figuring out how to move, but I think the right answer is always to allow your customers to play as and where they want to play the games they want, all giving them the chance to build their own library of So yes, when I feel that others are doing the same things that we do with subscriptions like the Game Pass or the launch on PC, it all makes sense to me because I think it’s the right answer.”

Still on the possible challenge between Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Spartacus, Spencer feels it’s right to point out that “I don’t consider it an endorsement of what we’ve done. Actually, when I talk about the Game Pass with our teams, I always talk about it as an inevitable function. So we should continue to innovate and compete, because the things we are doing could offer us advantages but we know that we are only the first to propose it, we do not think that what we are offering cannot be replicated by others. And I like it because it feeds our commitment to building and evolving what we have created. Because I think the best service we can offer players is to distribute great games on PCs, consoles, clouds and make them available from day one in our subscription. And I expect that’s what competition will do.”

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