Playstation: Sony Distanced George Cacioppo After Pedophilia Charges

An uncanny incident involved George Cacioppo, Sony’s employee for about eight years, with the position of Senior Vice President of Engineering for PlayStation Network.

The man was in fact accused by the autonomous group People v Preds of having tried to have sexual relations with a minor (fictitious). Specifically, the network of activists reports that they have lure George Cacioppo onto the well-known App Grindr. Here, pretending to be a 15-year-old boy, People v Preds would take a man-counted look, presented as “Jeff.”

After some exchanges of messages, the latter would agree to have a sexual encounter with the boy at his home. After having declared – always in the role of the fake young man – the intention to go to the house of “Jeff” through Uber, People v Preds would instead send a cameraman to the place. Found George Cacioppo outside the house, the envoy asked him to address him as “Jeff” and asking questions inquisitory. The man retired home, while People v Preds quickly released a video about the incident.

As easily predictable, the viral spread of the video guaranteed by the People v Preds network quickly brought the case to the attention of the press, as well as Sony herself. The technological giant has already taken steps in this regard, as confirmed by the note sent by the company to the CNET editorial staff: “We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been dismissed”.

Of course, we invite caution in interpreting what has been reported. At the moment, many aspects of the matter have not yet been clarified. The operation, we remember, was not conducted by law enforcement, but by an autonomous group of activists. Currently, the San Diego police have not offered any comments on the matter and it is unclear whether the authorities have already been involved in the case. George Cacioppo himself did not offer any reply to the requests for clarification from the CNET editorial staff.

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