Playstation Plus Is Good For Deep Rock Galactic: 6 Million Players Earn

PlayStation Plus has done a lot of good to Deep Rock Galactic, one of the three games in the Instant Game Collection in January 2022: reducing the cost of entry for subscribers and the visibility given by one of the most popular services

With an official statement, Ghost Ship Games guys have announced that since he joined the PlayStation Plus free game selection, Deep Rock Galactic has gained the beauty of six million new players The independent title, which already enjoyed a fairly popularity previously, has thus been able to exceed the threshold of 10 million users in total.

Not everyone will probably stay on servers in the coming weeks (many new players may have been moved simply by curiosity), but developers will do everything to convince them to stay. Among other things, they are already working on Season 2: “Deep Rock Galactic has always been developed with the collaboration of the community,” said CEO Søren Lundgaard. “We are a small team engaged in a big console launch, so it’s great to be assisted by the community step by step. We look forward to showing what we have in store for them in the season 2 scheduled for spring.”

For those who didn’t know, Deep Rock Galactic is a first person ski-fi cooperative shooter who invites four players to dress up as as many space dwarfs, whose goal is to drill deep, annihilate hordes

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