Playstation Plus February 2022: Leaks And Forecasting On New Free Ps5 And Ps4 Games

PlayStation Plus free games in January 2022 were made available at the beginning of the month but we are already starting to talk about the possible new PS4 and PS5 games coming in February for all Sony’s premium service subscribers.

January was a rich month thanks to the debut of Person 5 Strikers, DiRT 5 (properly hypothesized by us in our monthly forecasts) and Deep Rock Galactic, but what can we expect from the second month of 2022? A leak revealed the possible arrival of Nour Play With Your Food in the PlayStation Plus catalog, the game will be available from February 1st, by coincidence it is the first Tuesday of the month, day on which Sony launches the new monthly games of Just a case? Perhaps yes or perhaps not, at the moment no one has spoken about it but the date seems suspicious.

As for the forecasts, it is certainly more difficult to pronounce, some are expecting the arrival of Demon’s Souls to take advantage of the Elden Ring tow but it seems unlikely that the remake can already end up in the PlayStation Plus

Other names related to the PlayStation Studios games we feel like doing are Death Stranding and MediEvil games, even if the latter is perhaps out of season and would be more suitable in the fall, during the Halloween period. The independent panorama also offers various ideas such as The Pathless and Call of the Sea while on the front of the third party games we launch the hypothesis of a game of the series Samurai Warriors/Dynasty Warriors. We’ll know more at the end of the month when Sony officially announces the new free PlayStation Plus games of January 2022.

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