Playstation Partner Awards: Pes 2021, Genshin Impact And Re Village Win The Grand Award

The event organized by Sony with the PlayStation Partner Awards 2021 continues to celebrate the victory of Konami, miHoYo and Capcom of the Grand Award, the prestigious award awarded to Japanese development houses and publishers and

The Grand Award of the 2021 edition of the event held by Sony, in this case, is awarded to the first three Asian video games that have been able to generate the largest sales at international level (in the sense of both commercialized copies and microtransaction revenues) in the time

For this year, therefore, the undisputed winners of the PlayStation Partner Awards Japan Asia are Konami with the football simulator eFootball PES 2021, the Chinese authors of miHoYo for the

To each of the three Grand Award winning cashouts, the organizers of the PlayStation Partner Awards 2021 dedicate a video in depth describing the activities carried out by their respective software houses, with a final message of thanks from the actors of the

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