Playstation Now: Will Streaming Be Enhanced? The New Sony Patent Suggests This

In addition to Sony’s recent patent on the possible arrival of PS5 games on PS Now, the documentation of an additional patent appeared on the network that seems to evoke the arrival of an enhancement of the gaming cloud services offered by the Japanese tech giant.

The information contained in the explanatory charts and diagrams of the new patent, in fact, describes a new algorithm and deep optimization interventions that allow Sony to prepare a network infrastructure capable of managing in a more efficient, and therefore fast, the incredible amount of data

The patent, it is well to be precise, does not specifically mention PlayStation Now, although the technical terminology adopted by Sony to illustrate its operation implies a use in cloud contexts that could, in fact, offer great benefits in video playground streaming, especially as regards

The registration of a new patent, however, does not involve the automatic adoption of the technologies just filed: the optimization interventions described by the patent, moreover, could only and exclusively concern the efficiency with which Sony manages the servers, without directly affecting the quality Pending further updates, we leave you to the list of new PlayStation Now games in November 2021.

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