Playstation Now: Sony Was About To Launch It On Ios Smartphones, Reveals A Document

In 2017, Sony was preparing to launch PlayStation Now on Apple’s mobile iOS devices, marking what would have been the largest expansion of the cloud gaming service for many years now. They revealed confidential documents from an Apple Arcade presentation, just leaked online.

Originally, PlayStation Now allowed you to stream video games to PS2 and PS3 on Smart TV, Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. In 2017 (the same year as the above document), Sony launched the PS4 games in the catalog and pulled the plug on the original platforms to launch the service on PlayStation 4 and PC. Although 1080p has recently been enabled, PlayStation Now has never reached any other devices and is still not available on Android, iOS and Mac.

Yet, it is clear that Sony had thought about it. The confidential document was fished by The Verge by piles of Epic vs. Apple process files. The bite apple was so sure of the arrival of the service on its devices, that it was included in a presentation on the plans for the expansion of gaming on its platforms, that two years later would lead to the announcement and launch of Apple Arcade.

I wonder what went wrong, making Sony change his mind. Apple never had a great deal of fun about cloud services, just think about the rules that prevented Xbox Cloud Gaming and Stadia from getting into the App Store: at the moment, both are only usable through the browser

As for PlayStation, a recent report has spoken of the Spartacus project revolution, which should unite Plus and Now in one service. In leaked documents, however, no mention is made of the possible debut on mobile devices.

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