Playstation Now: Sony Confirms Prepaid Card Withdrawal, No Comment On Spartacus

A report by VentureBeat revealed how the leading UK and Canada retailers received communications from Sony requesting to remove PlayStation Now prepaid subscriptions from stores, now the company confirms

The removal of PlayStation Now prepaid subscriptions from the sales outlets immediately reminded us of the possible arrival of PlayStation Spartacus, a subscription that will merge PS Now and PS Plus, a service so loud but never officially announced, that according to the usual

Sony has not responded to this but has confirmed that cards with code to scratch to subscribe to PlayStation Now will no longer be sold as part of a very precise strategy: “we are globally aiming at the PlayStation S Gift Cards

In other words, the company’s will is to bet on Gift Cards to enable customers to freely spend their PSN portfolio credit. It is unclear at this point whether PlayStation Plus prepaid cards will also be withdrawn as the VentureBeat report only mentions PlayStation Now cards.

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