Playstation Is Trying To Sew Up The Relationship With Independent Studies: The Report

Last summer, a developer’s testimony cast some shadows on Sony’s management of independent studies. Ian Garner, co-founder of Neon Doctrine, denounced the lack of adequate tools for promoting games on the PlayStation Store and very high costs for getting a place in the showcase.

Other independent realities soon joined the choir, but Sony never officially commented on the matter. Nevertheless, it seems that in recent times he has begun to listen to complaints, since according to an IGN U.S. report he would have begun to show more attention to indie developers.

The Japanese company’s gaming division would already be working to speed up communication channels, as witnessed by the CEO of Akupara Games David Logan: before it happened to have to wait even nine months for a response from Sony’s support, while now i su “It’s still long, considering that we’re talking about a great company, but now everything is more fluid and natural,” he added.

Similar impressions have also been received by an independent developer in contact with IGN, according to whom Sony would also be sending more detailed emails with more resources and contact details. Iain Garner, the co-founder of Neon Doctrine who first denounced Sony’s poor management of indie, appreciated the support offered against Lamentum, which was highlighted on the YouTube P channel

Although the communication-side improvements seem to be evident, there would still seem to be a lot of work to be done in other areas. Calls for participation in direct balances to independent developers have increased, but it seems that only timid steps have been taken to improve the visibility of productions on the store. Akupara launched a promotion for her fifth anniversary on all stores, but could not do so on the PlayStation Store. Even the “Indie” tab would not seem to work properly, as only games accepted by Sony are placed in that section, and it is not easy to get noticed.

The Japanese company refused to respond to the request for a comment made by the American editorial staff of IGN.

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