Playstation Home: Ps3 Metaverse Comes Back To Life Thanks To Modders

After resurrecting the multiplayer of Motortorm, the programmers of the PSONE collective promise to reopen the doors of PlayStation Home, the ” PS3 metaverse” closed by Sony in 2015 for the disinterest of fans and for

With Destination Home, the PlayStation Online Network Emulated (PSONE) Group’s kids hope to bring this old interactive space back to life to allow access to all those who want to relive its atmosphere via mod

The team that is shaping this project reiterates that it is a non-profit job carried out to ensure its preservation and, also for this reason, they do not accept any kind of donations: once the work on Destination Home, the “porting emulated”

The efforts of the PSONE team are already paying off, judging by the videos packaged by the modders to show the reactivation of some of the multiplayer spaces of the original PlayStation Home metaverse such as the Hub, the Playground and

To those who follow us, we remind that in April of this year Sony renewed the PlayStation Home brand until 2028, without however motivating such decision and, let alone, without offering any clarification on the actual return of this metaverse on platforms such as

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