Playstation Awards 2021 Announced This Week, But There Will Be No Live

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia announced the new edition of the PlayStation Partner Awards 2021, scheduled for December 2 and 3. Unlike previous years, there will be no livestream and the winners will be announced directly on Twitter with thank you messages from developers.

PlayStation Awards have been held since 1995 with the aim of rewarding the most sold PlayStation video games of the year, the Grand Award winners, Partner Awards, will be announced during the show. Special Award.

The Grand Award is reserved for those games developed in Japan and Asia that have recorded good sales globally and involved a large number of players between October 2020 and September 2021. The Partner Award is reserved for those third-party games that can stand out commercially during the same period, and the Special Award is reserved for games developed in the West and which have been successful in sales during the period under consideration.

Sony says that to track the success of a game, both physical copies sold and digital downloads from the PlayStation Store will be examined, as well as the hours spent by players on the title in question during the year. No new ads of any kind are planned and as said there will be no real show, but simply the winners will be revealed with a Tweet.

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