Playstation 5 Standard And Digital Cover – Cosmic Red Pre-Ordered Only On Amazon

Qulache week ago Sony announced the arrival of new colors for DualSense and PlayStation 5 covers, to customize the look of our console. Of all the new colors announced, only Cosmic Red covers are available on Amazon.

This color is pre-orderable exclusively on Amazon (and therefore in no other store) at the price of 54,99 euro (both for the Digital and the Standard version) with release date scheduled for 21 January, compatible with both the Digital and the

Please note that these articles are official products and made by Sony, the only original PlayStation 5 console covers with the highest quality standard.

Below are the links to the preorders:

The covers are extremely easy to remove, just grab the bottom left corner of the cover and remove it by pulling slightly up right (after placing the console on a flat surface so that the PS logo is facing up and up). The new cover will only be fixed by sliding it from right to left until we hear a click.

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