Playstation 5: Sony Patents A ‘Virtual Guide’ To Complete Difficult Games

On 30 December, the US patent management and classification agency complied with Sony’s request in June 2020 to file a patent that seems to announce important news for PS5 Activity Sheets and related functions integrated in the firmwa

The patent in question describes a “virtual guide” system to help users complete video games that are too difficult. The documentation attached by Sony Interactive Entertainment to the newly registered patent in the USA illustrates the operation of this system, specifying that it is a sort of “coaching” that will offer methods and advice to players to instruct them on the approach to the game

The virtual guide described by Sony seems to trace the system, which is currently not fully exploited in all titles, of the Activity Sheets of PlayStation 5: in the patent, it emphasizes that the guide will be able to provide suggestions through the visualization of cards and

The virtual coach illustrated by the patent should only come into operation when the player falls below a determined “skill threshold,” suppose, by factors such as the number of Game Over, the shots inflicted by the enemies at the Like any other patent, it is not clear in this case, of course, whether and when Sony’s new “virtual guide” will be implemented in the PS5 firmware.

While waiting for further clarification from the Japanese tech giant, let us know with a comment what you think of this system and, more generally, the functions integrated into the PlayStation 5 dashboard. To stay on nextgen console, here you will find the analysis of DF on the first year of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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