Playstation 5, New Stock For Sale From Gamestop On December 22: How To Buy

Are you still looking for a PlayStation 5? Then try not to make appointments tomorrow afternoon, as GameStop has just announced that it will sell a new stock of consoles.

With an email to subscribers to your newsletter (available online at this address), GameStop announced that tomorrow 22 December will kick off the sale of new PlayStation 5 stocks. The exact time was not revealed: the dealer has just made an appointment with all interested parties at 16:00 on the Twitch GameStopIT channel for a new episode of Kobe and Kafkanya GameStop TV with guest Ga In the second part of the show will be announced the possibility to buy “very few pieces” online on through a dedicated link.

It is unclear which PS5 model will be sold, and GameStop specifies that “The purchase is reserved exclusively for GS+ owners and limited to a customer console, multiple purchases will not be escaped”. The sale will continue until the limited stocks are exhausted, in addition GameStop reserves the right to cancel all orders that include consoles not purchased in accordance with the pre-established mode.

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