Playstation 5, Jailbreak In View? Hacker Group Accesses The Console Root Keys

After successful “pirate” PS3 and PS4, the Fail0verflow team looks back on social media to confirm that they are working on the jailbreak of PlayStation 5. The first step in accessing the console kernel has already been made: hackers claim to have acquired the Root Keys of PS5.

In illustrating the preliminary results of the tests conducted to crack Sony’s nextgen console, the notorious collective programmers show on social the codes extracted from the kernel to confirm that “we have all root keys (sim They can be obtained directly from the software, including the personal root key of the console, if you look well.”

The discovery of Fail0verflow, if confirmed, could pose a serious danger to PS5 security and cause serious economic damage to Sony, considering that with access to Root Keys it would be possible to jailbreak the console. Access to the PS5 kernel would thus allow malicious people to run uncertified code, including pirated versions of video games and crack-down versions of apps, as well as emulators and, as happened on PS3 and PS4, L operating systems

The same Fail0verflow members, after announcing the acquisition of the Root Keys of PlayStation 5, suggest that the method used to access this data should make it particularly difficult for Sony to intervene to close that breach.

Note: The news is reported for duty of chronicle and does not want in any way to incite or favor piracy, a practice that the editorial staff of condemns in every form.

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