Playstation 5 Is Turning One Year: Hermen Hulst Thanks Fans

It was exactly a year since PlayStation 5 debuted on the market: it was November 12, 2020 when Sony’s fifth home console arrived in physical and e-commerce stores in Japan and the United States, and then arrived in Europe a few days ago

Hermen Hulst, head of the PlayStation Studios division, then took the opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of the last Sony platform, thanking all players for their support over the past 12 months. “Thank you all for making the first year of PS5 so special. Your support and passion for PlayStation games mean the world to us. I look forward to showing you more about what our fantastic PlayStation Studios teams are working on around the world,” this is Hulst’s message on Twitter, which suggests great things coming up next.

A first year where important goals have not been lacking, with PS5 at more than 13 million distributed units, but not even hiccups and problems due to the semiconductor crisis that have slowed down the production of new platforms, making it very complicated not only to find it in stores, but Not only that, in the near future it seems that PS5 will be more difficult to find considering the cutting of a million units to be distributed in the coming months decided by Sony.

However, November 12 remains a date to celebrate. Were you among the lucky ones who bought the console right away on day one?

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