Playstation 4 And Ps5 Are The Most Used Consoles To Visit Pornhub

The year is on its way to the end and Pornhub’s managers have published a detailed report that takes a picture of traffic developments on the adult portal throughout 2021. For us it is particularly interesting the statistics relating to the visits made by the consoles…

Once again, PlayStation players have generated the largest amount of traffic on the porn site. According to the data snubbed by Pornhub, 60.6% of the visits were made by Sony home users (a figure that even appears to be growing 17.6% compared to a year ago), followed by Xbox players, who contributed 36.8% In 2021 it is surprising to see that 2.2% attributed to PlayStation Vita users, although a significant 75.7% decrease compared to 2020. WiiU and 3DS taillight, which contribute just 0.4%, down 90% compared to 12 months ago.

Pornhub’s data clearly reflects the distribution of consoles worldwide: in recent generations, PlayStation consoles have been by far the most sold, and this inevitably affects traffic. Nintendo Switch, for its part, does not appear in the cake because it lacks a browser, therefore it cannot be used to navigate.

Porhub’s account shows that the most sought after videogaming character was Lara Croft by Tomb Raider, followed by D.Va of Overwatch and… Super Mario! If we talk about entire video games, the most successful one was Fortnite, who beat Minecraft and Overwatch in 2021.

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