Playmobil Delorean Back To The Future: On Sale On Amazon At Super Discount

Today with the offers of the Black Friday of Amazon we found a really interesting article, mainly dedicated to fans of Return to the Future: the faithful reproduction of Playmobil of DeLorean is on offer at only 34,99 euros, with the 35% discount from the price

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The channel is active and the display marks the year 1955: the DeLorean PLAYMOBIL gets up in flight, folds the wheels and away… 1985 is yesterday. With their modern clothes, Marty McFly and Doc Brown obviously do not go unnoticed in America in the 1950s, not to mention their plutonium powered time machine. PLAYMOBIL brings the legendary duo into the present with an extraordinary attention to detail: a collectible object for true fans.

The DeLorean Time Machine, as in the movies, has the channel flow that lights up, the doors opening with seagull wings and folding wheels, contains the characters Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett Brow

The car size is 25x12x9 cm, the set is expandable with Marty McFly with Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, which can be purchased at this link to 7.99 euros, which includes characters with the dresses of 1955

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