Pikmin Bloom Starts Well: The Game Actually Increased To 2 Million Downloads

Now that Pikmin Bloom is also available in Europe, the game actually increased by Niantic inspired by the famous Nintendo series born on GameCube begins to record the first results relevant in terms of download, at least according to the data provided

Pikmin Bloom has reached 2 million downloads worldwide, perhaps not impressive figures if you think of the more than 75 million units registered by Pokémon GO or 12.5 million Harry Potter Wizards However, the brand of Pikmin does not enjoy the popularity of the other two illustrious names, which is why the results obtained so far can be considered a good start for the new title in increased reality. As for the data on individual territories, the game is getting more success in Japan, where it recorded about 864,000 downloads generating revenues equal to US$473,000. The United States and the United Kingdom are following each other, although there are no precise numbers in these cases.

Pikmin Bloom was originally called Pikmin GO, and the game consists in filling the surrounding environment with petals using the help of the small Pikmin to increase more and more the stocks in our possession. Did you dump him and try him?

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