Phil Spencer Of Xbox Has No Interest In War Consoles: ‘I Don’t Spend Any Energy On It’

By relying on Phil Spencer’s leadership, and Xbox ecosystem extension through services such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Gaming Cloud, Microsoft is experiencing a golden period within the gaming industry.

The current situation is rather rosy and, instead of trying to scratch its competitors directly, Microsoft seems more intent on evolving its offer and making an important contribution to the overall growth of the sector. This leads to Phil Spencer being totally uninterested in war consoles, which are still being pursued by some circles of users particularly attached to their favorite platforms and games.

“I spend zero energy thinking about how to make other platforms look bad so Xbox looks better. I’m more interested in the gaming market as a whole than in the portion I could chew on by others. And that’s why we focus on things like cross-play and cross-save. I think about these scenarios about why you and I, maybe, can’t play together, and certainly shouldn’t be because of the console you bought compared to the console I bought.

This does not help industry to grow when we put artificial barriers on these things. If this means that we are doing something different from others, you should ask them directly.”

Not only services and features, Xbox is recently making people talk about himself for his games too: after the great success of Forza Horizon 5, the Halo Infinite Campaign is coming, available tomorrow on Windows PC and Xbox console

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