Phil Spencer From Xbox Hard Against Toxic Players: Wants Cross-Platform Ban

Online multiplayer video games have revolutionized the use of our favorite medium, but not everything is roses and flowers: the high rate of competitiveness, the protection offered by anonymity and other factors induce a certain fringe of players to behave in a toxic way,

The problem is quite serious and despite the countermeasures taken by individual developers and platform owners, it can be considered as anything but solved. Phil Spencer knows that, too, that he really can’t do it anymore. In an interview with the New York Times, Xbox’s boss also pointed out that, at a time when cross-platform gaming is spreading oily, there is still no system that allows you to banish a user

“If a player gets banned in one of our networks, is there a way to banish them on other networks too?” asked the boss of Xbox. “This is a group of people I choose not to play with. I don’t want to meet them on any of the platforms I play on.” Spencer hopes that this flaw can be resolved soon with the introduction of cross-platform ban, while admitting that this is a difficult challenge that needs to be tackled in synergy by the whole industry. The owners of different networks should cooperate closely, establish universal ban criteria and implement the necessary technology by mutual agreement.

What do you think of the cross-platform ban proposed by Phil Spencer? In the same interview, he also spoke about Xbox Series X record sales and the broken relationships between Microsoft and Activision.

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