Persona 5 Strikers: How To Unlock The New Game Plus

Unlike almost every New Game Plus title, in Persona 5 Strikers it is not enough to finish the game to be able to start again while maintaining some progress. Before unlocking this mode in the work of Omega Force and Atlus, in fact, it is necessary to defeat a boss as fearsome as optional. That’s where to find him.

After the queue titles, players can decide to return to the moment they precede the last Person 5 Strikers clash. In doing so, you have access to a series of secondary tasks that represent the endgame of the title in question and after having completed them from the first to the last (by defeating again the bosses of the adventure to unlock the best weapons of the game) you

Located in the depths of the Okinawa Prison, this recurring opponent of the Persona series is the strongest boss of the game, so much so that to face it it is advisable to have reached level 75. After defeating him, you will simply return to the Phantom Thieves’ hideout to redeem the rewards, among which you will not miss the dreamed New Game Plus.

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